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Charlotte Godfriedt

Meet Charlotte Godfriedt. Anna visited the artist behind the handcrafted porcelain jewels in her atelier. You can find her beautiful organically shaped earrings at Puha!

Anna: Can you tell us about your background and how you became interested in making porcelain jewelry?

Charlotte: As a child, I used to make jewelry with polymer clay. Both my parents went to art school and I probably learned to express that side of me from them. I studied at the art academy in Tilburg, earning a Bachelor’s in Art Communication, and Design. It wasn’t until my third year, during a workshop, that I discovered my passion for hand-building and pouring ceramics. At the time, I was making vases and larger pieces. Now, I’ve been making porcelain jewelry for the past four years. It started as a hobby and has now become my full-time occupation.

What is your process for creating porcelain jewelry?

Charlotte: Each piece of jewelry is shaped organically, one-by-one. I remove any irregularities using a sponge. The pieces are then bisque fired on low heat, glazed, and fired again at 1260 degrees Celsius. I source my glazes locally or purchase them online.

Where do you draw inspiration from when designing your jewelry pieces? 

Charlotte: My inspiration often comes from the current season. For example, when the sun is out, I love going swimming at the beach. A large portion of my portfolio includes jewelry that plays on the theme of seashells and the outdoors. My collections build upon past collections and expand upon similar shapes and colors.

Are there any particular challenges or rewards that come with working with porcelain as a medium for jewelry making?

Charlotte: Making the jump to full-time work was a challenge for me. I initially worked 30 hours a week and dedicated 1-2 days per week to my jewelry. I gave myself a trial period to work full-time. Online marketing is new to me, but I’m learning from other local artists. I’m also focusing on in-person sales through stores in Tilburg, Utrecht, and Veghel.

Do you collaborate with other artisans or craftsmen in the production of your jewelry, or do you handle all aspects of the process yourself?

Charlotte: I collaborate with friends who are photographers, and I also shoot my own content sometimes. As for the production of the jewelry, I handle all aspects of the process myself.

Text and photos by Anna Cleveland

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