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Meet Ferry Meewisse, the man behind all the action at Frrry. You can find his beautifully handcrafted bags at Puha! Anna stepped on her bike to visit him in his atelier in Utrecht:


Could you tell us about your background and the range of products you design?

Ferry: I studied product design at the Art Academy in Arnhem, which gave me a broad foundation. In the past, I’ve worked on designing furniture, ceramics, and even my own shoes. Now, I mainly design and produce bags.

What does the concept of eco-friendliness mean to you in the leather industry?

Ferry: I mostly work with Italian tanneries due to their excellent quality. I specifically use chrome-free leather as chrome is highly polluting. It’s important to note that there is a lot of “greenwashing” in the vegan leather industry, where products are labeled as eco-friendly but still have a significant environmental impact. Leather, when made responsibly, is actually the most sustainable option as it lasts the longest. To me, the best way to achieve sustainability is to create products of the finest quality so that they last a long time.

How did you transition from working with producers to doing everything yourself?

Ferry: Initially, I worked with a producer in Poland who sewed my products, but I found myself having to supervise and correct their mistakes, which made me feel like a manager rather than a designer. I wanted the quality to be right, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and do everything myself.

Could you share your thoughts on the creative process and the most challenging aspects?

Ferry: I enjoy the design aspect more than the marketing side. There’s a lot of conceptualizing happening in my head, and I often create paper models of bags. The most challenging part of the process is coming up with ideas and deciding on the design direction. Sometimes, it feels like you’re not actually doing anything, but it’s a mental process that requires time and thought.

What are some of your favorite pieces that you have created?

Ferry: One of my favorite pieces is the Collapse bag designed for traveling. It’s a beautiful bag that collapses in a unique way due to its folds. My partner even wrote an algorithm to calculate the precise measurements for the folds. I wanted to design a travel bag that is less bulky yet still functional.

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs starting out?

Ferry: My advice is to start small and grow from there. I didn’t have any investments or loans when I started; I bootstrapped my way through it. It’s important not to have grand goals right from the beginning and instead focus on where you are at the moment because things rarely work out as you initially imagined them to.


Text and photos by Anna Cleveland

Designer(s) Ferry Meeuwisse

Located in Utrecht

Specialization Leather bags

Categories Accessories | Crafts

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